Full Text Printed Papers

This website offers scanned images of the full set of Printed Papers related to 6 cases which were decided by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. These cases were chosen with a particular eye to wide geographical coverage and thematic importance.

  1. Rt. Rev. Robert Grey of Cape Town v Rt. Rev. John William Colenso (Natal) [1869] UKPC 58 (20 July 1869)
  2. Abul Fata Mahomed Ishak and others v Russomoy Dhur Chowdhry Calcutta (Bengal), India [1894] UKPC 64 (15 December 1894)
  3. William Cooper v. The Honourable Alexander Stuart (Colonial Secretary), New South Wales, Australia, 3 April 1889
  4. Nireha Tamaki v. John Holland Baker (Commissioner of Crown Lands), New Zealand, 1901 | PDF download
  5. Amodu Tijani v. Secretary, Southern Provinces, Nigeria, 1921
  6. Isaac Theophilius Akkunna Wallace-Johnson v. The King, British West Africa (Gold Coast), Ghana, 1939